A Fire Burns in the Loaf of Bread

When your stomach sighs and groans
coursing through your body a river of fire,
stand up
and let this bubbling music
carry you ever so gently
to the burning loaf
in the womb of the sky.

Now eat and sink your teeth in,
but eat not with your mouth
or with your thinking mind,
rather, with half-shut eyes
open, listen to your stomach
and let her passion
from the deep well rise
to the mouth of your mouth;
ah! I can see your relaxed
and joyful features as well as
the firmness and presence
in your every motion and gesture.

The sun knows this too and has seen you for look
brighter and brighter she now shines
and her light and heat
I see and feel emanating
from deep within your heart;
ah! beauty is now frothing
at the edge of this great tide
and hands from everywhere
extend to cup the foam
of this white wine.

The sun I now hear,
passionate and calm she sings
and her rays falling on the ear
of flower and bird,
water and rock,
leaf and animal,
awaken the whole world
and sing it into
the warm suppleness of life.


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