Filled With Love

I was going to weave my thoughts
into a philosophical discourse,
but love entered me and my heart swelled
and swelled, until my mind burst
and all thoughts lay scattered
like fireflies over the cloak of night,
a bottle of ink broken by the rocks
and strewing blue essence for seeds
in the depth of the great ocean.

Being emerged –
a face out of the clearing mist,
a fountain pouring colour –
poetry out of the frothing waves,
a Body covered with sand and salt crystals,
shivering and naked,
soaking wet with ocean kisses,
his heart, music pulsing through veins,
gushing and murmuring of infinite depth,
dancing, ever getting warmer
and rising, rising
to the eye of the sun.

Precipitating within,
a gentle storm of light
gathering over the horizon,
now moving inland
and pouring, pouring…

A feeling, strange and subtle,
shakes his drowsy head
scattering night’s cold dew
and rises towards the sun
like a flower at morn,
opening, welcoming…

An open palm,
a blossoming heart,
in the centre, upon tender flesh
childhood’s seeds taking root,
germinating, and now shooting
upward, green stems and leaves,
a garden of glorious white flowers
and aromatic fruits,
smiling and calling,


I do realize that this poem’s flow is somewhat fragmented, but I love it nonetheless.

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