O Moon

Silent stranger,
The moon over the city
Passing unnoticed.


Neighbors chattering,
Neon lights, cars humming.
The lone moon, passing.


Autumn, all these leaves
Falling through the damp air
Lay on the floor, silent.


Alone on the balcony,
Cool summer breeze carries –
Buzzing voices of too many houses
Drawn tight together like a honeycomb,
Basel scent,
And the light of this full moon.


A simple smile yearning
To your height
– O Moon.




2 thoughts on “O Moon

  1. Pierre, this is so beautiful… it has a melancholic and ecstatic feeling that engulfs the body as it flows upward to greet the moon…

    PS. I just borrowed your “over the city” as a title to my last post, I was writing it when I read this post – and just seemed perfect for what I was trying to say- hope you do not mind…☺


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