Free Verse # 2

The seams of existence cannot contain it,
Out comes bursting the dance of love,
Permeating and surging and through all boundaries
Beating, breathing, sighing, gushing, lapping
And inside-out with salt crystals washing…white.

Altar of The One

So consummately One,
All attractions quivering in your breast
I feel them pulsing through mine,
Wild embers hungry to feed
On the dry oceans of wheat
And burn them into stars;
And all desires weeping through my skin
I taste and drink from your flesh,
A sky in the hour before dawn
Invisibly raining full droplets of dew.

These ripe fruits we bring
To the Altar of The One.
Here, we feast and drink
Crushing pulp and seeds
And ecstatically drunk
Carve the poetry of dawn
Into our melding bodies,
One Body now bursting
With the sweet song of

Haiku # 9

Soften the voices
With the silent breath of peace
Rising from within


Even a loud noise
Softens when touched by the breath
Of a peaceful heart


The still breath is loud
When rising from a presence
Dissonant inside


Soften all edges
With the gold hues of a sky
Breathing emptiness


Dissolving all words
I quiver and shine brightly,
A morning clear sky