The Dance of Life & Love

In life and love she tosses her white pearls
Out onto the shore where a huntsman whirls
And dances overjoyed, the precious find!
To be dazed as he tries to take and bind.

A wave rushes in stealing heart’s desire
Back to her ocean where all waves conspire
Frothing as they weave endless masks and veils
To lure the dancer in, birth wondrous tales.

Filled with a sudden passion and hot flame
The huntsman jumps in without thought, one aim
Moving up ahead on currents unseen,
Shining ever beautiful, ah, what sheen!

And soon, and soon, the whole world becomes past,
Fading memories in this ocean vast
Where wine churns wine at the heart of a dance
Spinning forever where no eye can glance.

Sweet kisses exchanged and hearts flung open
Pour a boundless love, a music drunken
Yet sober and clear, flowing with soft ease,
Laden with sighs that the whole world appease.

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