As the first rays of the sun broke out over the hills and mountains, a voice rose up from his heart, burning and clear, and surging in white waves it spilled to his journal,

‘You wholeheartedly and finally and after a long struggle embrace a path only to discover that, despite the vehemence of your passion, because of it, you are no longer on that path and have stepped out and moved beyond it. You discover that you needed to embrace it, to give in to it completely, “unconditionally,” to live it out down to your deepest marrow and let its songs sing your days and nights for you to let it go and overcome it — for you to overcome yourself! for you to flow into yourself!

‘Into yourself you were always flowing!

‘Now gaze up and lift your head, for ahead of you, in the distance, your goal is shimmering still, now more brilliant than ever, luring you like a woman dressed in her finest garments, breathing towards you her warmest scents. Let your eyes fall upon her like the morning sun now rising falls upon the world — blissful in her abundance, joyful in her resolve.

‘Come along now my failures and victories, up ahead new failures and victories await, another war and overcoming.


A homecoming scent in the air,
A fragrance free of sweet despair;
Upon the bridge, footsteps falling,
Their pace a bell, firmly sounding
The dawn of day, and a new song
In bright air rising, clear and strong.

Welling within, the ocean surged
Like a flame it kissed as it purged
My heart, my mind, my flesh, my all
To sun-like brightness, rays that call
Inside-inside, there go and meet
The dance of love, an upward beat.

Friend behold how the hips now sway
With love’s tune move, free as they may;
In all eyes white flowers unfold
Blooming fullness on the threshold
Where light and soul in/out free-flow
Blending/joining, the world’s aglow.