Free Verse # 10

Lovers approach
and, as if stroked by a secret fire,
flowers start dancing
rolling out a chaos of colours
in carpets upon the garden’s floor
and spilling fragrant breaths
in lucid flame-tongues warming up the air
where the lovemaking shall feast and spread
ecstasy in a white pillar
uniting earth and heaven,
obliterating both.

In Night’s Womb

The locks of your hair
In my hand I knit
A moon around your neck

Squeeze your femininity
Grape by grape
In my glass of wine

Devour your body
Like fiery bread
Out of the furnace of passion

And as a spring moon
In your eyes I rise to fullness
Pouring my song
Of jasmine breaths
Upon your pure cheeks

Translated from here.

In the Sky of Love

Like a loaf of bread
baked in the maturity of my passion
I broke the autumn moon
over the body of my beloved
and amid her hills I scattered its wine,
white whispers caressing the cheeks of her flowers
and dewed kisses embracing the sanctity of her earth.

At midnight, in the depth of silence
water soaked into her soil
sinking into the wells behind her eyelids
as light from her womb flowed,
a love-song saturating her insides
and rising to be born on her lips,
an autumn moon.

This poem translated.

في سماء الحب

كرغيف خبزٍ خارجاً من نضج عشقي
كسرت قمر الخريف فوق جسد حبيبتي
وبين طهر هضابها نثرت نبيذه
همس أبيض مداعبا وجنات أزهارها
وقبلٌ كالندى معانقة قدس أرضها

مع انتصاف الليل وفي عمق السكون
عشق التراب المياه الى ما وراء الجفون
واذ بالضوء من رحمها يفيض
أغنية حبٍ متغلغلةً في أحشاءها
لتولد من على شفتيها، قمر الخريف