Wandering Thought # 9

Objective reading — is that not a sure and certain way to mis-reading? to setting oneself apart from the experience while in its midst? to avoiding the bitter cup and that which wounds and at the same time to compromise one’s laughter and the spaciousness of one’s laughter? to miss out on that which is most instructive by taking it into our blood-stream and heart? But, of course, pointing this out to “objective readers” is to no avail for they will handle it in the only way they can — objectively; and for that we must allow them their haughtiness — a haughtiness before which we others must appear as “weaklings and dwarfs.” But, mind you, that is only a question of appearances and appearances deceive. Let us allow them their “truth” and “knowledge for its own sake” as a most comforting sedative and pillow and bid them sweet dreams.

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