Cosmogony of One

With supple fingers
My Beloved stringed
Love’s infinite droplets
Into crescent moons,
Bracelets for my arms
And a necklace
Around my neck
Binding my roots
Stems and leaves
To Her sky and womb.

Perched amid the stars,
Like winds of homecoming
Her breath billowed inside of me
While the milk of Her breasts
Through my mouth and veins gushed
Thick and warm and lush;
The waxing moons grew sharp
Biting into my skin and sinking,
Reverberating ecstasy in waves
Through the sea of stars,
Concentric ripples all beating
In Her womb and heart.

Full moons,
Head and hands lost
As downward I poured
In infinite droplets
Sinking in the earth
To nourish eager mouths
And roots and beating hearts
And grow –
Fruits in the belly of love,
Whispers upon the merging lips of lovers,
And crescent moons stringed
By my Beloved
To adorn the hands and neck
Of love.

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