The Promise

Each dawn, from the serene, blue sky
The warmth of your voice descends,
A yellow bird of longing singing
A wistful song while fluttering amid
The white flowers growing upon my chest
And bathing in the water of the creek
Flowing amid the passion of my breasts.

A tear weeps from my eye,
A silent prayer seeking for the warmth
Of your cheek where it may burn and rest
To breathlessly fall into the garden,
A white pearl filled with the fire
Of a thousand poems and dreams
And be carried upon the bird’s blazing wings,
A message, an everlasting promise
Returning home to your face,
The radiant silence of dawn’s white sky.


Dominance & Ecstasy

There is a fundamental difference between a sexuality of dominance and one of ecstasy; only in the latter are complementarity, interdependence, and true spiritual union made reality. Only in the latter are the lovers interfused into one. The main difference lies here: whereas one seeks only sexual gratification, pleasure, and control, the other is primarily a spiritual quest that uses interpenetration as means to open up and blend the deepest recesses of being and soul — culminating in an ecstasy that sends the body hurling towards the sky.

Free Verse # 11

Long and hard
I toiled for the pearl of wisdom,
plunging into the deepest,
most turbulent ocean of thought,
and staying awake on many a night
oblivious to the stars
polishing its surface
with the oil of my heart
until at last,
swelling with pride,
its waves carried my pearl
as a gift into the house of love
where, placed upon its table,
its hammer swiftly fell
grinding it to nothing
and filling me with dawn.