Ruling Thought and Will

Every ruling thought and will compel obedience. That obedience is the result of fear and an inability to confront render the thought and will hallowed and sacred and unapproachable. Conversely, an honesty and cleanliness that dare to admit that that thought and will are better than the ones in our possession and that, therefore, we are unequal to them, obey and submit naturally. They deserve to rule and we to follow. Of course, the merit of such honesty is that it is clear and harsh unlike the fearful obedience that is characterized by trembling, meekness, and a murky vision. But such honesty and obedience wish to perpetuate themselves as well, wish to rule as well, become equal to the king and master or overthrow them — but not without merit! And for that, they work and wait in clarity and brightness.

The Violence of Oppression

What does it mean to have every corner of one’s existence under the powerful sway of a situation, a man, a job, another nation, or an era? It means to be hemmed in and inhibited on the deepest level and at the very source of one’s life. A man as such is a continuous crisis that must periodically resolve itself for him to attain stability and maintain himself and function given the conditions of his life. The periodical resolution takes place through outlets that find expression in dreams and fantasies with no foothold in reality; or, outlets of a sexual or erotic nature, dances and ecstasies and fights and violence all involving a surge of muscular movements that are akin to the twitching and swirling of a body circuiting an electrical current. The moment of liberation is reached only when the individual or society become able to gaze their oppressor and usurper eye to eye pointing their fingers as well as their weapons. No longer inhibited and hemmed in, the muscular or energetic surge, far from disappearing, now changes dynamic and directions and seeks to overpower the very conditions themselves that were at the root of repression.