Immemorial Kiss

We dipped our fingers
into the flower of our heart,
brushed the yellow nectar
on each other’s lips
then locked them as one,
kissing passionate our essence
into our core,
rubbing our taste and scent
into every grain of being,
planting inside the memory of a we
that breathed our souls and dreams
into our individual lives,
pouring its wine in two vessels
separated at birth
to sail the sea of life.

Each of us blown
like an autumn leaf
in the palm of life,
our immemorial kiss
now burns upon our lips,
flows like fire
from the fountain of our soul,
an all consuming longing
that can only fulfil itself
in the merging of our faces,
the touching of our hands,
and in unfolding us
from the deepest recesses
of memory,
awakening dreams carved into
the body of the earth
to bloom like flowers
amid ribs, joining, to house
one heart, one breath, one soul.


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