Nothing To Hold On To Anymore

At last, the great mountainous wall
weighing down my heart
at the root of my soul cracked, shifted,
crumbled as rocks of all weights and sizes falling
into the ocean of becoming, and finally vanished;
in its place the great tree of spirit,
ever present, was unveiled,
its branches carrying the fruits of emptiness,
its leaves whispering eternal songs of silence,
and all around, above and below,
the flux of life incessantly moved and flowed,
now offering cups of sorrow and now cups of laughter
which I gratefully lifted to my lips and drank, sighing —
there’s nothing to hold on to anymore.

6 thoughts on “Nothing To Hold On To Anymore

    1. There is an ocean without a shore, and it is to there that all rivers, bodies, churn and flow; the journey now leads through fragrant gardens, and now through rocky steeps…but the ocean is there, ever calling.


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