Free Verse # 57

When your kiss snuggles into my ribs,
it rains from a clear sky.


You wield my soul like a rainbow,
stroke with its colours
the cheeks of lovers and flowers
as they majestically bloom.


Suffocating on my pain I prayed for breath
and the Beloved sent you,
a burning kiss consuming me to ash,
a wind scattering me in the blue.


I become a gardener
so that the flowers would nurture me,
soaking their scents and colours into my soul.

I become a poet
and the poems spread my soul
like a blanket of silence
over the desert face.


Things done out of love, emanate with love.


Mapping the freckles on your skin
with honeyed-kisses,
bright stars which oracular motions
foretell the ebb and flow
of the ocean of my heart.

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