In the Silence of the Night

In the immensity of the night
overwhelmed by the surge of silence,
in that holiest of moments
where horizons are lost and limits melted,
a remembrance and an image
flush through my being,
linger like a burning tear
on the eyelids of my longing,
dance like a lone star
amid the flowers of my cheeks
— the beloved.

13 thoughts on “In the Silence of the Night

    1. The pain which this fire sears into your heart is like no other. And yet, that pain is naught other than love longing for itself; fingers carving love’s ocean into your heart, the ocean-bed where the fiery water shall come churning. Blessed be this pain.


                1. In a sense, a good deal of my life has been spent there. There I faced my greatest fears. The ability to delve into the abyss and the manner in which one behaves himself is a measure of the soul.


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