8 thoughts on “I Am No Longer Here

  1. What happens when you no longer see him between the scattered stars and forget how his whispering voice sounded like?


        1. Agreed, although I’m not sure if you understood my poem. It is a song of praise, one uttered in exhilaration. I am no longer dwelling in me. The house of “I” has become empty.


            1. It’s interesting why you understood it the way you did. Self effacement, voicelessness, disappearance… Yet these are the very things that the mystic considers as the highest attainments — and why? Because they signal a complete and all-encompassing outflow. The lion roared, the heart is torn open, and love is a stream merging the self with the world.


              1. I guess our minds interpret poetry in ways they deem fit for our current emotional state… The original meaning is way better than my sad explanation.


                1. It reflects back on our emotional state, enabling to put it into question, thus seeing more than we’ve seen before. We unfold and grow.


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