Free Verse # 80

You inhabit my heart like a spring ever bursting into song.


So blended
that when you speak words flow from my mouth,
that when you breathe my chest rises and falls to the rhythm of our love.


I carry you in me,
a sacred song now rising
to stroke the sea of stars and fall,
a warm breath of dreams.


Tied by a hidden thread,
by a bond stronger than the bond of stars,
each pulse and shiver ripple a being
dwelling outside the bounds of time.


Poetry is the music of the soul spilled into the vessels of words.


I pass my fingers through your hair
as stars fall from the sky
to wet the earth’s parched lips.


Awaiting the dawn,
our tangled bodies weep,
scattering stars.


our breath falls, extinguished,
open like the sky.


I begged you to recite me love-poems.
You smiled playfully and kissed me
turning me to burning dust
quivering in your storm.

2 thoughts on “Free Verse # 80

  1. “Awaiting the dawn, our tangled bodies weep, scattering stars ”

    Truly stunning … your words holding emotion like none I’ve seen in some time. Grazie for sharing! I’m so excited to read more! I’ll try and be gentle on ur walls…leaving stars not bars 😉

    Hugs aplenty…
    Bells xxx


    1. Glad to see you here Bella. It is a gift which has taken me a very long time to excel through practice and life — the gift of love condensed into dewdrops rolling on the reader’s skin, permeating through to his/her soul.

      Appreciate whatever footprints you leave on this sanded beach.


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