6 thoughts on “Your Scent

  1. “Ribbons burning through the air” … simply stunning love. Bellissima! Mille grazie for sharing your beautiful melodies… they have been singing in my mind all night. Bxx


    1. Wet sighs stroking the length of our skin all through the night, gently pressing the hot drops of wine deep into our aching soil, into our streaming blood…

      Glad you enjoy my melodies. I enjoy the juice you offer as well.


        1. Chills, these tender waves of ecstasy, these harbingers of abandonment in the burning mouth of stars.

          May that flower blossom ever whiter inside our bodies, arching our backs as it delivers us to the altar of the sky.


          1. Hopelessly enthralled …would that I could lie under your shade for endless nights… flying and falling in the same breath


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