Free Verse # 84

I worship Your sun by flying in circles,
back to earth,
embracing Your whole sky,
feeling Your fiery liquid
flow between my ribs.


Burning the dust of desire
off the layers of my soul,
In the heart of dawn,
I am a serene lake
reflecting the white clarity
of your face.

The face of my Beloved.


I silently slither between your thighs,
flow over your body.
I am the eastern wind
carrying the warmth
of an eternal sunrise in my heart,
folding you whole –
deep inside of me.


Each kiss I sear into your flesh
to burn forevermore,
a scintillating star
whispering my name.


hand in hand,
let us escape,
let us slip away
like a full moon
deserting the heaven
to live inside the sun.


My burning lips
have been fashioned
to relish your skin.


Let my whispers flow
over your face,
an ocean of stars
wetting your cheeks,
burning in your eyes,
and flooding through your mouth.


Kissing my fingertips
you light them one by one
as then you guide them
to the place where
all your secrets flow.
‘Take them,’ you whisper,
‘make me whole.’

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