Free Verse # 86

As I flow
my water cools and clears,
becoming a serene mirror
reflecting the glory of your face
as it lights the sky.


There is a poem churning
in the heart of me.
Only its froth scatters here
for your eyes and mine to read.

Only the Beloved’s eyes
can see beyond the forth,
can behold the hidden bond
tying all the stars.


…then you drew breath and exhaled,
and my heart came to stillness
as all my life’s poems
melted into burning tears
flowing inside my eyes.


My heart is a blood red rose;
her pulsing face enveloping the sky.
And you are a white flower
hidden inside my heart.


There are transformations the mind cannot understand:
spring out of winter’s heart;
out of the thorn’s heart, a rose;
after being hidden, suddenly the full moon.

The grace of your touch.

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