Free Verse # 72

My heart, I offer,
a cup to hold your wine,
a censer for your vigils
where you would burn
your most precious tears.


We Kiss

My secrets dwell
on the corners of your lips.
You smile
and they become butterflies
fluttering in the sky.
We kiss
and like pearls of wine
they burst and flame
soldering our lips
as our hearts race and beat,

Free Verse # 71

Lovers are a glowing sun of purity,
in the palm of heaven, a white spring.


Our joined bodies, a burning banquet
set in the heart of spring’s garden,
itself concealed in the heart of dawn.


The joined faces of lovers,
what ineffable brilliance!


The heart that cannot submit
cannot be open to the endless grace of love.


My lips are closed to air and water.
It is from your mouth that I breathe and drink.


You wash my face with the froth of silence.
Awake, alive, open to your grace.


You drowned my image in Your fiery water.
When I emerged I was nothing but thin air.

Free Verse # 70

When I think of you I think of home,
of a garden stretching at the edge of dawn.


Your voice is deeper than the voice of night.


Your song,
a sea heaving between my ribs,
its waves lapping the shore of dawn.


I am your desert song,
letters inwardly bound
by the breath of silence.

Only you can unravel my secrets,
merge me with the great blue.


Resting in your palms
I blow over mountains, valleys, and deserts,
covering the world
with the transparent sky of love.


Resting in your palms
I am forever migrating
between the moon and the sun,
I am a pilgrimage of stars
flowing from eternity to eternity
while gathering the nectar
of your eyes.

Free Verse # 69

The Sweet Motion Of Love

your touch opens me to the void
that permeates the world.

I become a dervish,
a mystic sun whirling
in your bowl of wine.

You then drink me
and I disappear,
a breath inside your breath.

At dawn you exhale
and the garden is overfull
with the sweet motion of love.


In Love’s Wilderness

Like the ocean’s waters
I long to embrace you,
each droplet gasping
to soak into your skin.

Like the summer winds
I long to be your breath,
each waft weeping
to breathe from your chest.

Like the sun-bathed grapes
I long to be your wine,
each sip boiling
to stream through your veins.


A flower growing on your silent lips.
In the vast well of your womb, a full moon.

In Love’s Finger

I was a star serenely burning
in the seventh ocean of solitude,
bathing the philosopher’s abode
with clarity and light.

My beloved came,
pierced my heart with a spear
and hollowed me out
with her knife,
wearing me like a ring
around her finger,
commanding my being
in the service of her might.

Inexplicable as it were,
my light grew in intensity
and I illumined oceans
of churning delight
where reason is a dawn-bird
breaking into the sweet melody of love.

A Glimpse

I went fishing for a glimpse
of your face in the lake of dreams.
A star fell in,
rippling all images,
casting me out of sleep.
Your voice trembled
on the lashes of the night.
I went out,
fluttered amid the stars
adorning your dark hair,
sat on your white throne
of silence as your kisses
like fireflies came
consuming me to ember
in the heat of the embrace.
Your breath then breezed
cool and fresh,
melting me softly
and casting me,
a blanket of dew
over the green lips
of the earth.