Free Verse # 93

The river’s roar fills the vale
and rises to merge with the voices
fading above in the sky of dusk.
Ahead, in the distance,
I hear my Beloved’s voice
calling me, calling me…


Over the mountain
the first star opens her eye.
The voices grow long
with the warm shadows
and soak in the gentle spread of silence
as the earth with one mighty blow
exhales outward, opening our eyes –
to the beings we are…


The sky darkens,
stars heave like waves
scattered by an unseen hand
and rushing to crash
over the transparent shore on high;
in the distance an owl hoots
rippling the pond of night,
deepening the silence.


Fluttering through the nightsky
the best of the stars I pluck
and with poetry for needle and thread
I weave them into a shawl
that I wrap round your neck


Over my shoulder the night I carry
a bag pregnant with stars,
and through the vales,
over the hills,
my solitary path I walk.


All the birds are singing,
a half-moon in the sky.

I, too, am a birdsong
rising in this sky.


I am a white pearl
shaped by love’s desire
to find my resting place
on my lover’s red tongue


The sun’s curtain of light
slowly draping earth’s face,
like the draw of my breath and gaze
over the face of the one I love.


Ever since love lived in my heart
I’ve been living inside the heart of love


The Moon

A crown over the mountain;
over the earth, love’s scepter.

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