Free Verse # 95

A night wet with the hum of crickets
and the gentle voice of stars.

In the silence I imbibe the mystery,
exhale a perfume fraught with love.


A thousand stars burn in my eyes.
The Beloved kisses my forehead
and the stars upon my cheeks weep,
tracing a universe of love.


As the sun setting off the horizon
reveals the world’s depth
so your face, fading out of sight,
makes tremble my being’s very roots.


Your love pours me –
a song of stars churning the womb of heaven,
a wine bubbling from the cup of life and frothing poetry.


O Love, in your presence I am a torn asunder like a nightsky wetting the face of earth with stars.


I am humble like the dust,
therefore the wind carries me
to the highest height,
to bask at my Beloved’s burning feet.


Only by yielding to the earth does the tree bear fruit;
only by yielding to the sky does the earth call forth her rain.


In the silence of the night
my song of stars and wine
rises from your womb,
flows in waves lapsing at your breasts,
falling between your thighs

10 thoughts on “Free Verse # 95

            1. But there is love too in the process of waiting. There is love too in the process of healing. Love is always and all time, and not just one person or the other who comes into our life only to leave us alone at the street’s corner. You are love. And all the shattering and the breaking are destined to break us open into love. Love is hurt, love is pain, love is hate — and love is love.


                1. That is neither the nature of life nor of love. That would be an escape from reality and love and would render love itself tasteless and void from depth and purpose.


                    1. …almost everything serious is difficult; and everything is serious.

                      Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.

                      Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet


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