Free Verse # 97

You bloom in me as stars
blossom in the night sky –
in silence,
rising from the great unknown
raining awe from the face of darkness.


Kindness is a well of infinite depth.
Touch that, and you are home.


Blessed be the love that perturbs our sleep,
waking us breathless in the middle of the night.


O Love, offer me your forehead so I could kiss it.
Offer me your hands and feet as well.
Offer me your mouth, that crimson rose of spring,
that flowing fount of wine.


In the chests of lovers a fire burns.
With each breath they exhale stars,
shivering the world to madness,
painting it to life.


If the world lives
it is because in it lovers exist.
The world is a beat pulsating
from the open chests of lovers,
churning with their invisible wine.


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