Free Verse # 101 (the joy of life)

The knowledge that your eyes and mine
gaze at the same stars is not enough.
I want to live deep in your heart,
see the world through your own eyes.


Nomad like the wind.
I know every path yet no path holds me.
My home is the sky.


My heart is a well of silence.
Cast a stone in,
and see what happens.


Folded into your face
as a moth folds her wings
inside the burning flame.

A fish in your water,
a bird in your sky.


Your breath,
a great river flowing
over the face of the earth
and I, a reed submerged in your music,
possessed by your song.


My hand over your face,
a motion of waves filling
your sky with crimson ripples.

One by one my kisses unfurl them,
a wine melting in my mouth,
warm tears upon your cheeks
painting the whole sky.


Your face,
a sky casting
a white shadow
over the earth,
bathing one and all
in your endless grace.


My kisses set your freckles afire
like stars in the firmament of heaven
then tie them one by one into a glowing net,
a poem breathing fire.


Flowers twine themselves
around the lovers’ heart
becoming stars dancing
in the palm of heaven.


Each dawn a poem writes herself
in my heart in the hope that one day
she shall fill with ecstasy
as you stoop down to inhale her scent.


Her delicate curves,
sweetest music
flowing over me.


The lovers’ heart is a cup
held in the palm of heaven
showering the earth with light,
and stars…


Gazing into the silence of dawn,
the lovers’ breath like a river of light
flows over the earth
planting dewed kisses
over closed eyes
and waking all –
to the joy of life.


O Beloved
my neck is laid upon Your altar,
spare it not;
my heart is a grape between Your fingers,
spare it not.

O Beloved,
I am Yours for the taking.

4 thoughts on “Free Verse # 101 (the joy of life)

  1. “Flowers twine themselves
    around the lovers’ heart
    becoming stars dancing
    in the palm of heaven.”
    …the hope…
    Lovely, lovely lines! I love them all! You are a true poet of the heart!


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