Free Verse # 102

O Love,
Blessed be the moment
you broke my heart
for its shards
in the silent womb of night
became brilliant stars.


The Offering

I breathe into her womb,
stroke her heart,
and her eyes emit sparks
setting aflame the ocean of wine
resting in my palms.

Raising my hands to her mouth,
eyes fixed in eyes I bid her –
Drink, have your fill,
become my burning star.


The lover’s kiss plants inside our heart
a deadly wound that keeps deepening and widening
until it obliterates us into no more than burning dust.

Love is the ultimate liberator.


The Way of Love

If love keeps you away, it is to pull you in.
If he throws you to the ground, it is to lift you higher.
If he breaks your shell, it is to humble you and bring out your true light.
If he brings tears to your eyes, it is to pluck and plant them as stars in the nocturnal sky.

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