Free Verse # 104 (playful kiss)

The heart’s pulp would not turn to wine
unless it be crushed on the sacred altar of love.


My heart is a star
hollowed out by love
so it could wear your finger,
turn like a necklace
round your neck.


Droplets from a citrus sun
I squeeze onto your tongue,
sprinkle a dash of stars for salt,
and pour in noon’s golden ale
for a deep, playful kiss.


Resting in desire’s lap
the bowl of poetry is overflowing
like a full moon.

Dip your fingers, my love,
and write my body into existence,
a sacred verse crowning your sky.


Only the spirit can uplift the body
to an ecstasy far beyond the stars,
to a clarity deeper than the stillness of dawn.


our dreams flutter in the nightsky,
plant kisses as brilliant stars
guiding lovers home.


Love’s absence reveals its depth,
as the sun fading over the horizon
reveals heaven’s truth,
our kinship with the stars.


a drifting starry sky below gazing
at the milky way above.

In between,
the silence of the night
enfolding us in the great mystery.


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