Free Verse # 105 (until the day we’re one again)

Wound my heart with your kiss, love,
so that when you leave rivers of stars shall stream
from the sorrowing mouth
and fill the whole sky
with longing – for you.


O night,
let your breath of stars
sweep over me,
a faint reminder
of my beloved’s hair…


No more I and you;
we bow to the higher We.

Love, a warm, simple kiss
weaving itself into a life
of tender harmony.


We live to feel understood,
revealed and embraced
in our deepest essence
by the one we love.


As our breaths died on each other’s lips
our eyes opened to wade in each other’s silence.


Into my body I call in the night,
moon and stars, dreams and lust,
and out I birth it again,
fountains of love singing wild delight.


Once every full moon
a dove comes perching at my window,
in her beak a fragrant lock of your dark hair
dripping wet with moonlight and stars.

Taking it in my hands
it unfurls into a white wine that I drink,
a warmth breathing life in heart and soul,
sustaining me until the day we’re one again.

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