Free Verse # 108 (at the crossroads of tomorrow)

As if the ground underneath
was made of piano keys or lute strings,
her every step reverberates with music
filling the earth up to the sky.


I stretch my body before you
like an endless desert,
not even a shadow
clouds my flesh or longing.

Open to your presence…


At the crossroads of tomorrow I wait for you.
A rose in my hand,
its petals and thorns
crowned with my tears and winedrops.
On my face a smile,
and a wistful song.


A moon overfull with longing bursts,
sighs raining like stars over the singing waves.


My body longs to embrace yours
as the desert’s thirst
makes her cry for the rain,
each sigh imploring the heavens
to send down her tidal rage.


Under your touch I blossom,
a white lotus singing praise to the moon.


Wing to wing we fly,
two birds between the clouds.

The trails we leave behind
are the poems we write into the sky.


Your face and mine,
now the sun and the moon,
now the earth and the sky,
eternally locked in a kiss divine.


Froth kissed, naked,
surrendered to the waves
chanting your name I wait,
for you to return
and my heart reclaim.

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