Free Verse # 114 (wine kisses)

At dawn, your breath,
a white wave washing over me,
sinking between my lips
and gathering my heartbeats,
sowing them like seeds
in the garden of our love


Your touch unlocking my being,
the great tide of my heart
broke upon your shore,


In your universe I turn
from quivering flesh,
to streaming music,
to endless dewdrops
coming undone and fading
without trace…


All things you truly love
shall burn and dissolve you into thin air
like the fire does the aloes wood
freeing its pure scent.


Let me be your home,
a rose holding the dewdrop
deep inside her heart.


To your temple of silence I deliver my heart.
The waters of my being quieten and still;
Light rises to my eyes, and flows;
Veils fall off;
I am whole.


My soul’s passion,
a single dewdrop falling from my mouth
and melting in yours.


Drunk on too many wine-kisses
your tongue suddenly flicks
like a match inside my mouth and lo!
Heat solders our lips and bodies,
flames eat us whole.


In the inmost core,
in inconceivable darkness,
in utter stillness and solitude –
a womb of infinite warmth
birthing all of life.

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