Free Verse # 115 (tangled roots)

Your absence weeps from my eyes,
tears I plant on my pillow
and nurture all through the night.

At dawn they blossom,
white simple flowers
stroking my face
with your beautiful fragrance,
uttering the day’s first prayer
and filling my heart with grace,
and hope.


I set my kisses free like butterflies;
may they suckle their nectar from your lips,
rest in the warmth of your eyes,
and, like autumn leaves,
tangle themselves in the flow of your hair…


Drifting with the cool morning breeze
the scent of basil and jasmine strokes my face
gently waking me to another day of love.

Your breath, my love…


My breath and the light of my eyes
I weave into your shawl and dress,
your blanket and bed,
covering you whole, in me…


…and if we breathe,
it is with our lips interlocked.
All else is suffocating,
breathlessness, and waiting…


And those who are filled with bliss and ecstasy
carry themselves as a full moon in the sky:
in utter silence flowing, birthing, harnessing stars.


…and when you touch me,
every cave in earth’s bosom
echoes with lustful moans,
the heavenly tree shivers and shakes,
her stars loosening and raining,
coursing through the sky
in a great stream of ecstasy.


The tangled roots cannot be untangled
without killing both trees.
Such is our existence, you and me.


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