Free Verse # 121 (the grace of our love)

Spread open like a vale of stars,
let my arms be your home.

Fall into them,
suckle at their blood and light,
and rise in full glory
like the morning sun.


You slip into my heart
and my tears suddenly start falling
like autumn leaves that held on for too long,
my smiles bloom in silence
like a spring rising from the unknown.


You enter me silently
like a wind blowing through the garden
carries her scent and seeds
towards hidden skies,
weaving her hushed murmurs
into dewdrop verses
that wash the blissful faces of lovers,
and the earth as she smiles.


In every tear,
in every smile,
you are the essence
moving through my heart.


Placed on our altar
even thorns are fruits
filled with the desire
to quench our lust,
roses awaiting to bloom
whilst feeding on our blood.

The grace of our love…


The night, a moonlit ocean
and my heart,
a vessel full of longing
sailing towards your shore.


Swept by the rain,
scattered by the wind,
the petals of my longing.

Each, a poem,
once hugging my heart,
now roaming the world
searching for you.


When my eyes open
you flow out to paint my world in colour,
and when they close
you breathe life into my dreams.


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