Free Verse # 123 (fallen in a bowl of wine)

So let us be foolish!
Two butterflies seeking ever sweeter flowers
fallen in a bowl of wine.


Absorbed into your music
a tear kissed my cheek and flowered,
a poem breathing light.


Night whispers in the air
and a restless song awakens inside of me,
its waters bubbling against my ribs
and rising to echo through the night – O love, O love…


In the garden of my love
the flowers I laid in your hair
burn into stars,
and the kisses I planted
deep under your skin
burst and stream through your blood,
a breath of the sun,
an intoxicating wine.


Behind closed eyelids
the churning of eternity,
the infinite rush of stars
filling timeless wells with dreams.



Hold me now, all-encompassing,
the blue sky embracing the earth,
the burning tree rooted in the infinite
her starry branches encircling the nightsky.


Softer than the softest petal ~
one melted on dawn’s blue lips.


A burning wick always has its head bowed.


Midnight harvest,
your hand and mine
pressing grapes against the moon,
we fall through the sky.


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