As You Sleep

As you sleep,
I exhale the desire of my being
into the womb of night,
shivering all stars into one mighty ocean
moving to the rhythm
of my poet-fingers and breath
and raining through your window,
embers, infinite droplets of light
enmeshed around you like a burning cloud
now weeping softly,
each drop melting into your skin,
sending soft pleasure in waves
through your body, down to your womb,
stirring you tenderly into an ecstatic dream
moaning gently upon your full lips,
arching your back and oozing
white musk from your flower’s depth,
as then my stars-shaped-hands
seep from the cloud and merge into yours
guiding them slowly to your flower and well,
fiery fingers circling and turning
like a sun treading through the heavens,
fountains of fire cascading
from the cloud in waterfalls of light
and finding your flower’s eager mouth
and the swollen pearl
rising over her like a crown,
fingers and hot water
kneading, rubbing, and pressing
raising you slowly and tenderly
to heaven’s peak
where your body bursts into infinite stars
and free falls white and wet
back into the arms of a deep, tender sleep,
quenched on the lust of my endless love.

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