Free Verse # 127 (always thinking of you)

Let me soak the moon into your tender belly
And slowly, slowly, knead it into your aching womb,
Raising it upwards to birth it from your lips,
A great moan fluttering full and white
And filling night’s soul with the waters of our bliss.


When I think of you
a star rises from my heart to my mouth
and then flutters out through the world
like a white butterfly
looking for the flower of your mouth
to plunge inside, and tell you.

…and I am always thinking of you.


Love consumes time to an extent
you lose all awareness of it.
Night, day; second, hour –
all become the same,
floating, blissful, in clarity…


What am I?
A shaft of wheat swaying in the moonlight.
A bird setting his wings into the sunset sky.
A dewdrop, now here, now vanishing inside the rose.


There is a love we pay for with our entire life,
keeping nothing, giving everything away.
Seek that love.
Burn and drown in it.
Let it possess you to your deepest soul.


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