Free Verse # 139 (bruised

You touch me
and I become a river
roaring in the sea of your heart.

You touch me again
and my center breaks,
dissolved and beating
deep in your soul.


Waxing in your eyes
The evening star whispers
As in my veins the longings
Of a thousand solitary nights burn
Melting me whole,
a river in your arms.


I thought myself a weed
until I bloomed on my lover’s lips,
a flower sighing her most fragrant breath
into the open mouth of dawn.


Through You I am a sun
which exuberance outshines
the universe’s bounds.


Your breath,
sun’s burning nectar
melting in my wine.


You’re not here,
but I make love to your image
seared into the faces of dawn and dusk.

You’re not here,
but your voice falls through the wind
like autumn leaves rippling
in my soul a thousand longings.


The edges of your tongue
upon my skin,
a blade of fire
mercilessly dancing,
searing countless verses
forevermore to glow
as emblems of fate.


I was a gray cloud,
but then you touched me.
My flakes, falling on your skin, thawed,
merging back with the sea.


Your absence,
an abyss gnawing at my heart,
a black hole expanding,
threatening to sweep me
out of existence
to shelter me inside of you.


Like spring over the earth
I envelope your body,
flowers exhaling my essence
into your every pore,
bees stinging into your blood
the venom of my poetry.


Your kisses left me bruised,
blue patches under my skin
billowing with ocean water
and expanding, widening,
soon, soon, to engulf me whole.


With a whiff of purity
and a trumpet of secluded woods
solitude called out to me once more,
and I rose, and I flew
to bathe in oceans
of pure light.

2 thoughts on “Free Verse # 139 (bruised

    1. I would like to get published although I never put enough effort into it. It won’t come to my doorstep. Problem is I’m not really sure how to do it. The people I ask are never really helpful. I’ll see…

      Thank you Noora. You are quite a talent yourself and your words leave me warm and smiling. 🙂


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