Free Verse # 141 (forever in your pull)

Our fingertips touch,
two wings over an abyss
ever harmoniously gliding,
rooted in the dawn of love.


The moon,
even when hidden
from the sun
is forever in her pull ~
and I,
twined to your smile,
the dawn of your eyes,
your breath in the wind.


Our breaths,
dying on each other’s lips,
shiver through our bodies
a river of flames,
melting us,
down to our bones,
and merging us,


I sleep and I wake
and you are the last
and first thought
to whisper on my lips.
I am a river;
the ocean is you.


Night falls liquid
over our merging bodies,
his stars like embers
searing into our skin
the wildest poetry.


From night’s womb
I pluck the ripest stars
and with poetry’s threads
weave them into a blanket
to cover you all night,
my love…


Out of the well of infinite solitude
my poems rise,
like stars from the invisible womb
filling the night sky.


From a hidden shore
her jasmine breath travels
through the infinite night
to find my face,
and breathe me into life.


Let night’s melody
hum in your blood
an endless froth of stars,
rivers of dark wine…


O beloved,
let me pour the dawn
into your eyes,
reap from your lips
the purity of his dew,
from your womb
his morning star.


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