Free Verse # 146 (fire for poetry)

Over your body
I break my heart
and scatter its wine
over the sanctity of your hills,
poems unfurling like dark petals,
soaking through your blood.


Flicking my tongue along the curves
of your honey-dipped words
a flame in my throat burns
and I become a dragon
breathing fire for poetry


let me sip from your lips
the poetry of love


Like the wind caressing the fields of spring
your breath breezes through my ribs,
stroking to a tender ecstasy
the sea of my flowers.


Drunk on your caresses
you gently tilt my head
and I sigh all my essence
into your luminous heart


In the silence of the heart
a dawn is constantly breaking,
flowers suckling at the luminous sky,
and lovers, entangled, spreading ecstasy.


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