Free Verse # 147 (labyrinth of desire)

Labyrinth of desire,
the shade of your eyes
falling over nocturnal skies,
rearranging stars and moans
into a crazed dance
of inescapable fire.


In the middle of the night
your whisper, like a butterfly,
strokes against my cheek,
and my heart shivers yearning
to be embraced by your heat.


My heart’s flame sways and flickers,
its light and shadow dancing on your face,
painting the warmest verses of a home
from your womb, unfolding.


If dawn were a flower
it would blossom in your eyes.


The rivers of your passion
run through my heart,
intimating an ocean
your breath alone imparts.


My breath,
a poem of infinite warmth
unfurling through your body,
unlocking the curls
of your nocturnal hair,
and filling my cup
with the rouge of your cheeks.

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