Free Verse # 159 (I die a million deaths)

My lips against your eyelids
and your face becomes an ocean
heaving softly,
its waves, like the light of dawn,
charged with dew and mystic scents,
breaking against my face.


I die a million deaths,
pass through a million lives,
wait eternities upon eternities
to touch your fingers,
gaze into your eyes,
feel your breath.


The salty voice of the sea
lives on your lips.
When I kiss you my thirst grows
and I want to kiss you more,
drink you deeper, and deeper
until I am filled by your waters
and am no more.

But you only allow one kiss.


This word
which my heart shaped
from his fire and blood
I rub into your lips,
then seal it with a kiss.


Even your silence shatters
my composure
into the laughter
of an open meadow
filled with waves
of clamouring flowers
welcoming the dawn


Like a moist, red dawn
your lust envelops me,
weeping dewdrops
burning with the scent of musk,
grinding slowly,
rising, falling,
into ecstasy.


I wear your scent
like the garden wears
the light of dawn.


I paused to look at you. Little did I know that that gaze would engulf me, forever, a wave sweeping me into the ocean’s depth and floor.

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