Letter, October 13, 2013

Man first became man gazing in water, drowning in the ripples of his reflection. Likewise, gazing into your ocean-face, I am born again, my existence growing new depths and complexions, my skin new shades, tones, and scents, my soul, a new purity and light, endless quivers of bubbling desire. I am born again as a being breathed of fire, seared into mist, made to flow like water, and live as the ecstasy and exuberance of love. I exist as I gaze into your face, my gaze reflecting back unto me from a depth as unfathomable as it is endless, as oceanic and ocean-born as it is fiery and sun-kissed, a depth which stillness floods one’s soul with the awe of contemplating stars at night, vertiginous, yet flying as a bird having found his horizon and goal. I am born into colour as I gaze into your face, your eyes glimmering like a sun from underneath mystic waters and acting like a painterly brush forever flowing over my face.



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