Free Verse # 166 (commanded by your eyes)

I search for you inside of me
as the night searches
for his own reflection
between the fallen stars


…where her naked foot touched the earth, a dawn sprouted.


You be the fiery abyss
into which I throw my heart.
Consume it into ash and dust.
From my deepest depth,
bind me, into you.


When night dances on your lips
stars bud in my mouth
and fill with the infinite ache
to return and be submerged
in the womb that gave them birth


My poems gather
like a pack of wolves,
my heart, the alpha male,
commanded by your eyes.


You happened in my heart
as the dew soaks at dawn
the skin of the earth,
silently, invisibly,
without intent or thought.


There’s nothing left
for you to occupy,
you are the perfect circle
inside of which
the formless takes form,
dies and is reborn.


Promised land?
Your body
stretching under me
as a sea of milk and stars.


Two lightning bolts meeting in mid-air, our kiss.


The sea of absence
A heaving desert,
Its scorching dunes
violent waves breaking
Against our tender bodies,
Etching love’s burning fragrance
Into our weeping skin.

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