Rise Again

Rise again from the mountain of darkness,
The sun and moon in your hands a harness
Steering all thoughts into the azure height,
Pristine and clear, a dithyramb of might.


Unknown Photographer and Model
Unknown Photographer and Model

In endless fingers
my poetry circles your breath,
wrapping you,
within my sun planting you,
a solar embrace forging you,
a rose within my garden grown,
her roots forever suckling
at the sap of my heart,
her petals imbibing
the light of my eyes,
the honeyed nectar
her heart ferments
reaped into my cup,
a wine our merged lips savour
in the heart of the night.

I Miss You

Slowly, agonizingly
The clock moves,
And I miss you,
Each tick like lightning
Falling into my heart,
The roll of its thunder
Licking my skin inside out,
Weeping from my restless fingers
Letters of crimson
Whose only ache
Is your fingers to twine,
Searing my soul
With the image of your face
Now burning behind the horizon
Like the twilight sun.