Unknown photographer and model
Unknown photographer and model

His heart on her skin
a bleeding rune,
an occult river
summoning its endless tributaries
from the dark abundance of her earth
and soaring her,
into the mouth of dawn,
a song of light
raining over the world.


حياة الحب

العمرُ عقدٌ من نجوم
مع كلّ رعشةٍ
في غياهب القلب ينفرط
،تنهدةً بيضاء
أنشودة فجرٍ
كقبلةٍ من ماء
،في رحم الموت تشتعل
حبّة شعر في طحين الحياة
تبرعم وتنمو وتزهر
ومن وجهها النديّ أغنيةً
كصوت البحر الأزليّ
.على وجه الحبيب تنسدل

Letter February 13, 2014

It was simply absurd, the notion that I could outgrow my depression and resentment simply by having a rational discussion or two, or by reading a book. What was required was nothing less than a second childhood, a rebirth, and this gestation is the longest and the most difficult — for it is the true birth, the birthing of oneself from one’s own womb, from one’s deepest trials but also according to one’s highest attainments and aims, to one’s most jubilant joys.

We are only entitled to that which we have earned by sweat and blood, by exerting the entire force of our being; nothing comes for free, and nothing should (the great souls love the difficult and the most difficult—they settle for nothing less). This, and no price is too dear for the honour of owning ourselves, for being able to tie the past and future into a holy ring, resounding into the furthest recesses of existence a thunderous Yes!

Free Verse # 180 (she was the sea…)

With insatiable desire I sought you,
a dewdrop seeking the endless sea
wherein its boundaries would fade
and merge with eternity.


Your kiss sets loose a river of stars under my skin
and each winged word of light
oozing through my pores
sings a hymn to eternity.


She was the sea which called his soul to flutter over her endless waves.


Under your star
my heart waxes and wanes,
and all the poems it utters
it rubs at your feet,
curls into your radiant hair.


Whatever love touches love makes hallow.


His kiss within her heart,
a fire fiercer than the flames of hell,
more salutary than heaven’s finest wine.