Free Verse # 189 (dissolved)

Void of our kiss
my lips are a desert
aching for a droplet
of your heavenly wine


The ocean-womb
to the sun of my longing;
at dusk I drown in you,
sink deep in the night of your flesh,
then our passionate lovemaking
spells me,
a dawn unto the world.


Sober ecstasy,
a droplet dissolved
in the flesh of your earth,
an ocean in the pull
of your cosmic gravity.


Like a garden in spring
at the touch of your breath
I grow myriad tongues,
all red and green and singing
the tides of your poetry.


With unbearable gentleness
I approached her
as if she were a dawn
about to vanish,
and the light
which her eyes spilled
soaked into my earth
nourishing the depth of my heart,
filling me with a love so pure
I dissolved into light.


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