Free Verse # 190 (in this endless love)

Swirling against my lips,
the hot clouds of coffee
reminding me of your breath.


Though the earth
at which my roots suckle
is the wide open sky
I live anchored like a tree,
arms stretched open
in perpetual exaltation
and leaves imbibing
the pure light.
In this endless love
I died.


Each flower a wick
and I
a forest of dark desires
waiting to be lit
by the fire in your eyes


Hecatomb of desire,
her vaporous breath
in night’s womb
shivers the stars
into a frenzied fall,
one by one doused
in the river of her flesh.


Lluvia at the edge of dawn,
your silent kiss hovering
over the parched dunes of my face.


Your thunder roars
in the early morning hours
crashing like untamed waves
over my ribs and face,
I wake,
my heart beating
with the ferocity of a lion
and my mind awake and shining
like the dawn of your face.


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