Free Verse # 196 (caught in our radiance)

Summer kisses
on the wet mouth of dawn,
over the fallow hills
a gentle rain of flowers.


What would the stillness of the night be had it not be permeated to overflow by the light of your voice?


The circle of your heart
marked my beginning and end;
and when I entered it I vanished
as the star entering the mouth of dawn
becomes the light pouring through the whole sky,
the colours fluttering from eye to eye.


Rush onward, my soul,
And when the wave of your light
Washes the whole sky
You’ll become the whisper
In the heart of each rose.


It is because you died
and the earth soaked your flesh
that life grows and grows
unfolding in circles unto eternity


My entire flesh,
my heart, my breath,
the very flow of my blood
are attuned to your voice, your breath,
every pulse of your heart,
to the very poetry seeping through your veins
so that your mere being
crowns me as your music,
a shepherd’s tune rising
over the fallow hills,
the breath of silence swelling
in the sacred heart of dawn.


Touching, melting,
deepening in union,
unbound, fathomless,
we uncover our original face
and the sun,
caught in our radiance,
swells red dissolving
in the passion of our embrace.

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