Free Verse # 210 (the heart of a flower)

She offered him the ocean
in the chalice of her palms;
the night and its stars
in her obsidian eyes.


Love enters us like the storm
Troubles the waters of the sea,
Making its waves gush out unto the shore
Its heart’s hidden gems, its mysteries.


I felt you on my lips,
A tremor of infinite softness breaking
As the dawn in the sky.


Love whispers, but for you to hear you must have the heart of a flower, the ears of a butterfly.


Gazing into the ocean
Slowly, with the cadence of the waves,
Their gazes melted into one
As their fingers clutched deeper
Like the roots of an old tree.


She wore the sun
for a flower in her dark hair,
and lo!
the sun could not be more happy!


The poet must, above all else, be pure of heart.


The silent enigma –
Like a white flower
She weaves herself
In the very heart of dawn,
Soaked in the red tide
Of its infinite softness.


We touched
And something rose into me
As from within
I started to fill with water;
The outflow of this surge –
Light and poetry.


She wore the night for wings
and whenever she fluttered
the earth filled with stars

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