Free Verse # 212 (your name on my lips)

Your name
A flower on my lips
Every dawn sighing
The sweetest poetry.


A snowflake
in your breath thawing;
a dewdrop
soaked into your skin;
a flower
from your lips sighing;
then silence,
the flow from your eyes.


I wanted to be alone but you touched me and I no longer knew what lays outside of me.


Filled to overflow
with the waters of this love –
like an earth whose lips
for too long drank
from the sorrowing sky
then burst into bloom –
every nook and cleft
in the garden of my skin
has a song to sing,
a flower to lay
on the sacred altar
of your bubbling womb.


I loved my winters for they taught me what it is to burn and become flame.


Thus we sank
tangled in bliss,
our limbs coated,
soaked to the core
with poetry.


No longer a stranger
amid the trees of your forest,
like the fire-bird that flew back to the sun
I am one with the life that in you dwells.


The flower of the night
From having sipped at your scent;
The sky
A whirlpool of stars
Heady with desire.


This poem
I lay upon the sky’s eyelids
as they close;
the poem will be a flower
brimming with endless stars,
each a kiss eager to melt
in the wellsprings of your eyes.

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