5 thoughts on “Senryu # 51

  1. Pierre you are a remarkable human being a true poet.

    I hope you don’t mind my posting this here I have some exciting news!
    By the grace of the great and mysterious my new book/app is finally out-
    Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart; Awaken Your Inner Poet
    It’s a guide to awaken that which is present within all of us yet often overlooked. It’s packed with video, voice, music, landscape photography and practical exercises.
    It is my Gift to you and the wider world please share with your loved ones and friends.
    The whole thing is free to download on iBooks, retail value $24.99, Mac and iPad only. If you don’t use a Mac or an iPad you can download the manuscript in the file section of the Facebook group.
    Getting it out there and really making a difference is all about ratings and reviews so please share your thoughts and feelings on your blog and at these links.
    The mission it serves is to support human beings from all walks of life to awaken to the healing and transformative power of their Inner Poet and live more meaningful, connected lives beyond right and wrong dichotomy-based thinking.
    I offer my full support should you require any help integrating and applying the inner technology to your life. Please share your journey, questions, work and insights here:
    Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1423036211305518/1433320476943758/?notif_t=group_activity)

    – With Love and profound appreciation, Michael


    1. I am the type of person whose spirit moves at an incredibly slow pace. To read something and properly digest it takes me quite some time. As I read I reflect on it through my verse.

      I love and admire the strength of your soul. Takes a great deal of energy directed outward for you to do what you are doing. It must be centered in a great source within.

      I submitted a request to join the group, Escape To The Homelands Of The Heart. How lovely an image that creates in me!

      I prefer to download it then print it out and read it on paper.

      The appreciation is mutual, Michael, and I am looking forward for future exchanges on a more intimate and deeper level.


      1. Pierre thank you so very much my friend it is a great honour to have you in the group.
        The iPad and Mac version of the book has a lot of video and voice, but the manuscript itself has a charm of it’s own as well. I am grateful thank you so much. Really looking forward to your review


        1. I got it in pdf. I will print it out and start reading sometime next week. Will scribe down my thoughts as I read, whether in prose or verse, and share them once done. You do me the honour. Thank you.


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